Buying new carpet or flooring is not something most people do every day. It can be overwhelming and confusing to most of us. So many kinds of styles, patterns, colors, types of materials and quality to choose from. Most of us really do not know where to start. The one thing we all know is that we want something that looks appealing, fits our particular style, and will not have to be replaced quickly due to wear and tear. If you are searching for a style that will always be classic, start with a carpet classic: broadloom. Let us explain what it is and then its many advantages.

What is Broadloom Carpet?

Put very simply broadloom means a tufted carpet that has been woven on a larger or wide loom. Therefore it comes in wider widths and can be installed with less seams or none at all.  Typical rolls of broadloom carpet are usually twelve to fifteen feet wide. This is perfect for wall to wall carpeting installations in residential or commercial areas.

Broadloom has a classic look. There are a wide range of colors and diverse patterns, and it works with timeless fashion statements and contemporary designs as well. It comes in solids, can have various textures and can be made from synthetic or organic materials like wool.

Some Advantages of Broadloom Carpeting

There are a number of reasons someone would choose broadloom carpet for their home. Some things to consider immediately is the aesthetic look you want, whether you have children or pets, your budget, and installation costs. In the last few years, broadloom carpet is making a resurgence in both residential and commercial sites. A quality broadloom will last for years even in high traffic areas because it is thick and durable.

There are many advantages to carpeting your home with broadloom.

  • Broadloom is stain resistant and soft.
  • Because it is a loop pile carpet, it will not mat down or crush.
  • It is a perfect choice for homes with pets and children since it has built in stain and soil protection.
  • It comes with anti-static protection and warranties
  • It is exceptionally durable.
  • Better for the environment with a smaller carbon footprint.
  • It can be more economical than other kinds of carpet or flooring

Broadloom can be a very cost effective choice. Don’t shy away from creating an area rug with broadloom carpet. Because it is so wide you can create a 9×12 foot area rug more economically that perhaps choosing a pre-made area rug.  The extra expense to bind and finish it is all that is required.

Most area rugs are patterned and only come in specific sizes. If you have an irregularly shaped room or area and want to outfit it with an area rug, broadloom is the perfect option.

If you prefer a solid or minimally patterned look, broadloom is the answer. There are endless colors, styles, and subtle patterns which still give a sleek and solid look, but with some texture too.

Do choose a good quality pad which is essential for extended wear and therefore worth the extra money. The right padding also provides insulation and reduces condensation. The take away here is that is can be more economical to choose broadloom, but if you want it to last even longer, spend a little more on quality padding.

Should You Choose an Alternative?


There are many alternatives to broadloom carpets including hard surface flooring like hardwood, cork, laminate and vinyl. All have their pros and cons.

The carpet or flooring you choose is an extension of your personality and only you can decide the look you ultimately want, how much you are willing to invest and who you will trust to give you all the facts.

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