Choosing the right carpet for your pets

Choosing the right carpet for your pets

Carpeting can be a great addition to any home – it adds warmth and comfort, reduces noise and can even improve air quality. Pet owners may have some reservations about investing in carpeting for their home and we understand why a lot of people might feel this way. Although there are some considerations to be made when choosing a carpet for a household with pets, we think that you shouldn’t have to compromise. Here is what you should consider when deciding on the most pet-friendly carpet for your home.

Camouflage with colour and pattern

When deciding on a colour or pattern for your carpet, keep the colour of your pet’s fur in mind. If your furry friend has a tendency to shed, pick a colour that is similar to or can easily disguise your pet’s fur. Choosing a dark solid carpet with a golden retriever at home may not be an ideal option. Patterns with a variety of shapes and colours are great for hiding fur in between vacuuming sessions. If you have pets at home then you need to prevent dirt or soil stains from looking too apparent. Instead, try something with a pattern or stripe.

Stain fighting fibers

With or without pets, accidents are bound to happen. Be proactive and keep your carpet looking brand new by carefully considering the different stain resistant fibers and treatments available today. These are the most commonly used fiber choices today: Wool, Polyester, Nylon and Smartstrand.

  • Polyester: Commonly referred to as PET (no pun intended), polyester is the most stain resistant fiber. PET, or Polyethylene Terephthalate, is a new breed of polyester that has natural and permanent stain resistance properties. With pets or small children at home PET is a safe choice.
  • Nylon: One of most widely used and popular carpet fiber choices, nylon is also one of the strongest synthetic fibers and is great in high-traffic areas. Although it is not naturally as stain-resistant as polyester, advances in manufacturing technologies have created treatments that make it less prone to staining. Shaw carpets made with Anso nylon have a lifetime stain resistance warranty including pet urine stains and also feature R2X total fiber protection while also reducing airborne household odors. Shaw carpets with anso nylon are available in a large variety of styles, patterns and colours to suit every ones taste and budget.
  • Wool:  Naturally water repellent. If a liquid is spilt on the carpet it will form beads, allowing time for you to blot them up before they can be absorbed. However, if not treated immediately, pet urine can cause a permanent stain.
  • SmartStrand:  Made by Mohawk Carpet, in part with annually renewable plant based materials has a lifetime stain resistance warranty including pet urine stains. The perfect carpet for families with kids and pets.  Mohawk carpet made with smartStrand is certified free from harmful chemicals for a safe healthy home.  SmartStrand by Mohawk carpet is available in a large assortment of styles, colours and patterns from traditional plush carpet to berbers, to the most modern styles and colours.

Switch it out with carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are an alternative to traditional carpeting. They are pieces of carpet cut into uniform squares and installed in a similar fashion as tiled flooring. They can come with or without adhesive backs and are generally easy to install. Since the carpet is comprised of many pieces, it is also easy to replace if needed. Tiled carpeting allows you to switch out select squares instead of replacing the entire carpet. This is especially beneficial with a small puppy or kitten that may turn your floor into a pee pad, scratch post or chew toy. If investing in tiled carpet with a young pet at home, it may be wise to buy a couple extra squares, just in case.

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