Choosing the correct carpet for your home or office

Choosing the correct carpet for your home or office

Choosing the right carpeting for a space is important and requires your consideration of a number of key variables, the first of which is the type of space you are shopping for. The type of carpet you need will vary greatly depending on whether you are furnishing an office or a home. Picking a carpet tailored to your room is extremely important and will ensure your investment results in a long, useful, and enjoyable return. The office and the home allow for different materials to thrive and require different levels of maintenance and cleaning. Here are some of the key differences you should consider when buying for each of these different environments.

Carpeting for the office

The most important part of deciding on carpeting for the office is to find the right fit for the nature of the business. More specifically, durable materials are better suited for areas where more people will be walking, as they will hold up better against the daily wear and tear of people passing by. Tufted carpet made of nylon is strong, making it ideal for withstanding the office’s daily inflow and outflow of people. They are great for areas that face dirt or wetness, such as entryways and lobbies, and are easy to clean.

Properly cleaning carpets will reduce surface allergens and maintain indoor air quality. Since an office space is also more likely to be faced by dirty shoes, an easy-to-clean, neutrally coloured carpet is always your best bet.  Carpet tiles are a good choice since areas that get stained and can’t be cleaned can be easily lifted and replaced.

Carpeting for the home

There are many benefits to including carpeting in your home. Carpets trap airborne allergens, so fewer particles escape into the air. Moreover, they provide a degree of insulation and also keep your feet nice and warm. Unlike the rigid demands of shopping for an office, shopping for home carpets allows for a bit more freedom in terms of material.

Since less people pass through the home than the office, and shoes aren’t typically worn in the home, you can branch into more delicate materials. For instance, you can go with a softer yarn or wool carpet; wool carpet is sustainable, biodegradable, naturally hard-wearing, soil and dirt resistant, and non-allergenic.

Since the home will likely get less dirty than in the office, you have the option to go with options that are softer and more stylish. Smart Strand carpet by Mohawk is an example of a softer, more luxurious carpet. Smart Strand is also environmentally friendly since it is in part made from corn sugar.

Some carpet materials are also specifically created with a homeowner’s best interest in mind. For instance, new Anso Caress carpet by Shaw has a lifetime warranty against stains, soil, and pet urine stains, as well as a 20 year texture retention warranty. Essentially, home carpeting gives you more freedom to go with options that can also be more vibrant than in an office.

In short, the home and the office face very different environments in terms of dirt, traffic, and design that make them distinct carpet shopping experiences. By considering the above factors when making your decision, you are guaranteed to find the carpet that best suits the intended space. At Allan Rug we can provide you the best advice, products, and service for all of your flooring, rug, and carpeting needs.