If you’ve been feeling like your home needs an uplift, but can’t think of what to do without investing a lot of time and money in, think about easy fixes such as adding or changing a rug. It’s simple, convenient, and can really alter the energy and aesthetic in a room. Once you start considering options, you’ll see what a difference a rug makes!

If you’re struggling with a smaller space, and are trying to find ways to make the room look bigger (other than white paint), consider adding a rug. While you may think this might overcrowd the room, floor treatments actually open up a room, and make it look larger. Opting for striped rugs is a good idea, as it creates an illusion, one which elongates the room. For studios or small rooms in general, adding a rug can separate the area into what makes it seem like multiple spaces, giving the appearance of more than one room.

Sprucing up a room doesn’t have to be a headache. Something as easy as adding in a rug that accents the already existing furniture can help give a fresh look to the room. You may have some great pieces of furniture that aren’t standing out as you thought they might – adding a rug underneath that end table, or in the middle of the room will bring the focus of the eye towards the piece you are trying to accentuate, giving it the spotlight it deserves. Even for specific paintings or wall hangings, the colours in a rug can bring those pieces out, and make them shine.

Adding a warm rug on top of cold stone, or sleek hardwood floors gives the room a nice contrasting feel. Either with temperature – feelings of warmth and comfort, or with texture – hard flooring, with soft carpeting, the rug will bring a multi-dimensional feel to the room. If there is too much going on in the room, adding the rug to the centre, underneath the coffee table, will tie the room together, and bring all the individual pieces towards the centre of the room, making it look complete and inviting.

Not only do rugs accentuate already existing pieces, but they can also represent a piece of art or focal stand alone area as well. Often times, people gather where it’s warm, and having a rug in the centre of the room can serve as a place for your guests or family to gather around. If you have a specific room for a specific use, a rug can create the feeling you are attempting to portray. For example, if you’re looking to beef up a “man cave” and already have sleek and clean lines in your furniture and decor, adding in an animal print rug can really tie the room together and add a punch. Similarly, a kid’s play room can be brightened up (and appropriately cushioned) with a light coloured, fun rug in the middle of the space.

Rugs in different materials are great for a different feel for each room. Jute rugs in a sun room, warm, plush rugs by the fire in the family room, and durable, heavy-duty rugs in the dining room are all great ways to add diversity to each room, yet maintain the aesthetic that is already present.

Consider these options when you find yourself bored of the same old space, and see what a difference a rug makes! Contact us for more suggestions or a quote.