Durable flooring options for a home with young children

Durable flooring options for a home with young children

If your children are perfect, you can stop reading right now. If they never make a mess, drop their toys, and simply sit reading all day, then you can move on to the next article. On the other hand, if you have children who seem to be in perpetual motion and run from the outdoors to the indoors without even noticing the door mat, than perhaps this might be the article for you to read. We understand that children are children and whether you have one or many, your home will eventually exhibit the wear and tear of their existence. You want a home that is attractive of course, but if you are searching for durable flooring options for a home with young children, then keep reading. We will provide you with some ideas to keep your home looking its best but practical enough for a growing family.

Before you begin to purchase flooring there are some general questions you should ask yourself:

- How much you want to invest
- Who is going to use the room
- How much effort do I want to make to keep it clean
- How long do I want it to last
- What kind of atmosphere or mood do I want the room to have

Once these questions are answered, selecting the right type of flooring will get a little easier.

Good choices for a child’s bedroom

Many parents opt for carpeting in their youngster’s bedroom. It can be durable enough to handle wear and tear and yet be a safer choice than a hard surface. Moreover it’s the perfect choice to absorb sound. The durability of the carpet depends on the type of fibers and the density of the pile. Ask the experts at Allan Rug Company to help you select something within your budget and also ask them to give you advice about its expected durability

Another option is a harder surface like a laminate. It is durable and you can add in an area rug, which allows for a soft place to play, plus it enhances the space and lends a completed look to the room.

Playroom options

So how do you let your children have fun but be able to keep the floor clean? You have high traffic here, probably toys being dragged, ridden, and dropped. We should also mention the likelihood of spilled drinks and other messes! Several options come to mind: vinyl is a good choice, as is cork. Cork is soft under your feet and has a warm touch. It is anti-microbial and repels mold, dirt and dust keeping the room cleaner. Once sealed it is quite easy to maintain and usually needs just a dusting.

Vinyl is inexpensive, low maintenance and is resistant to stains and water. In fact it is difficult to damage. Cork, laminate and vinyl are all extremely good choices if durability is your goal. Again, you can add smaller area rugs to soften up the space and to designate a special play area.

Family room, entry and other high traffic areas

Entry ways, family rooms and the kitchen are all high traffic areas. You might choose different flooring here depending on the age of your children. A family with very young children might select something very different than when everyone is at least school age.

Cork, laminates and vinyl are all practical choices for any of these areas. Carpeting might be an acceptable alternative in the family room if your children are older and there will be less wear and tear and less opportunity for messes. The family room is the center for watching TV together, playing family games or just relaxing. It should be attractive, comfortable and durable.

You could also consider wood flooring for any of these high traffic areas as it is long lasting and has its own distinctive natural beauty. It’s easy on the feet and back, and in addition, it can last a lifetime with the proper care and maintenance.

More questions? Find the perfect carpet or flooring for your family whether you have very young children, school age children or if you are even beginning the empty nest time of life. With one of the largest showrooms and warehouses in the city, the experts at Allan Rug Company will be able to direct you to all your options and answer any and all questions. Contact us today to make an appointment.