What are your best flooring options if you have pets?

What are your best flooring options if you have pets?

You can make almost any hard or soft surface work if you have pets. It's essential to know your needs and communicate them clearly with the professional at the flooring store.

Many floorings now even have pet warranties! There are, however, a few stand-outs you might want to consider.

Luxury vinyl, the most pet (and kid) friendly flooring on the market

But humans love it too! This product offers gorgeous, true-to-life images of wood, stone, and tile, all taken with high-definition photography.

The floors come with textured looks, depth, and dimension. It's also cut into planks or square, tile-size pieces.

They are also ultra durable, completely waterproof, and low maintenance. All this for one affordable price!

Feel free to visit our flooring company to see designs from top brands. They include names like Karndean Design Flooring, Armstrong, COREtec, and more.

Engineered hardwood

This wood version looks similar to solid, so you'll always have your beautiful wood floors. But these floors are ultra-tough with scratch-and-dent resistance.

They always come factory-finished with a super-strong coating that can only be applied in controlled settings, such as factories. There's also a different construction underneath that gives them a better ability to handle water– no warping!

Waterproof laminate flooring

Laminate is strong and scratch resistant but asks for the waterproof version when considering new floors. Waterproof laminate has a non-wood construction that makes the floors spillproof, eliminating worries about soaking, staining, and peeling.

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