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Shag area rugs Toronto

Shag rugs and carpets were extremely popular in the 1960s and 1970s, but fell out of style for a few decades. Now the style is once again all the rage. Millions of homes now display soft, beautiful shag rugs that look great and stand up to everyday wear and tear.

You won’t see too many lime green or pumpkin orange shag rugs these days. That blast from the past is long gone, but the shag craze lives on. Whether it is machine made shag area rugs made from stain resistant nylon in the latest vibrant colors that will make a splash in any kids room. Or a hand made shag rug in super luxurious New Zealand wool. We especially love how a rich shag area rug looks over a neutral-toned laminate or hardwood floors.

Shag rugs are easy to clean

All of our shag rugs are made to stand up to heavy traffic and to clean easily. Most vacuum cleaners today have shag rug settings to protect the fibers while cleaning deep to remove spills and debris. The easy-clean fibers resist stains and respond well to deep cleaning.

Come see our shag area rugs!

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Come in to our Allan Rug Toronto showroom today and have a look at our shag displays. See for yourself how great a shag area rug looks in a living room or bedroom. Can’t find the perfect color or size? Any of our associates will gladly show you around and help you create the perfect custom shag rug to look great in any room of your home.

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