Your first experiences with cork probably included such uses as the closure of a wine bottle, or as the soles on the bottom of your shoes and sandals. It is also utilized as floats for fishing nets, and of course, everyone knows it’s the perfect bulletin board. Over the years cork has been used for various purposes. It has become an excellent choice for flooring because of its warm and soft properties, especially within the last fifteen years. Quiet, soft and renewable, cork flooring has a host of benefits. If you have never considered it, you might want to read further to understand why you should.

Renewable Properties of Cork

Cork oak trees are found in the Mediterranean, with an emphasis in Portugal and Spain. Using cork was first popularized in Europe in the early 20th century. They found it to be soft, resistant to moisture, resilient, and insect repellent.

To harvest cork, one half of the bark is removed and peeled off with specialized tools. The removed bark will grow back completely every 8-12 years.  In fact, one single tree can supply thousands of cork floors. The renewable properties of cork are unlike other types of flooring making it the “greenest” of all flooring as it renews itself. If you are looking for something long lasting and eco-friendly, cork is the perfect choice.

Benefits of Cork in your own Home

Cork gives you a softness and warmth that everyone craves in their homes. It is an all-natural product with excellent thermal qualities. It provides sound insulation for busy homes, and is extremely durable.

If you like to cook and consequently stand on your feet for long periods of time in your kitchen, cork would be an excellent choice in that room. Its softness under foot is by far more comfortable than most other kinds of flooring. It would also be an excellent choice for a family room where children like to get on the floor to play, as well as bedrooms, and anywhere else you like to relax.

Due to its moisture resistant properties, it is often used in wine bottles, and is even a good choice for bathrooms. As long as there is adequate ventilation, it will resist mold and mildew.

Other reasons to choose cork for your home include:

  • Cork is fire resistant
  • It has insect repellent properties, including termites infestation
  • Cork is a stable product even in varying temperatures. It will not react or buckle with changing temperatures.
  • Cork flooring can last fifty to seventy-five years, making it an extremely cost effective choice
  • It is hypo-allergenic so family members with allergy issues not need worry
  • Cork costs about the same as hardwood and vinyl
  • It is warm to the touch
  • Cork is easy to maintain

In the last fifteen years, cork has grown in popularity mainly due to improvements to the finishes, and installation. Now. no glue is used, there is less sub flooring preparation, and it installs quickly and more easily than before.

Today, floating cork planks or panels are common flooring choices, and there are hundreds of styles and colors to fit any décor.

Colors of Cork

cork-colorsThe natural warm colors of cork blend beautifully with wood furniture and cabinets. It obscures dirt and makes any seams less noticeable. There are beautiful designs in the cork which are completely natural and random. Cork can be stained different colors, but many find that the natural colors are best. If you have any questions about the colors or installation of cork flooring, the design professionals at Allan Rug Company can answer all your questions about choosing the best cork flooring for your situation.



Cork is an excellent choice for families with children and pets because it resists moisture, mold, and mildew. It only needs a dusting along with damp mopping to keep it looking its best, although, you should avoid using excess water, or harsh chemical cleaners.

Cork has been used in the US Library of Congress, as well as by such prominent architects like Frank Lloyd Wright. He used cork on the floors and walls even in some of the bathrooms in a house he built in 1930, which still stands today.

If you are looking for flooring which is beautiful, non-toxic, sustainable, and cost effective, look no further. Quiet, soft, and renewable cork flooring has everything you could want for your home.

Make an appointment with the experienced flooring professionals at Allan Rug, and learn about how you can incorporate cork into your home, today.