When trying to create a beautiful and inviting space, it is crucial not to overlook the floor and floor coverings. When choosing a rug there are three main factors to consider:

– What the room will be used for
– Who will use it
– How much natural light the room receives

In most cases, each setting should have one large rug to unify the room and bring everything together. This will help the room appear calmer and tidier by anchoring the room. The rug should be large enough that key furniture – coffee tables, armchairs, etc. – are on top of it. If it is too small, it can make the room seem busy, cluttered, or off balance. Rugs can also be too large, which will make the room seem cavernous and half-empty, or simply mismatched, like a person wearing a coat that is several sizes too large for them.

coffee table

Square or rectangular rugs are the easiest to work with in most spaces, and round rugs can be a good way to dress up a transitional space such as hallways or entranceways. Custom designed rugs are a good way to finish off a room when a standard rug size won’t work. A pattern broadloom of wool or nylon can be cut to your exact size and shape and finished with a variety of trims. Making a rug this way does not cost any more than most standard size area rugs.

How to Choose a Rug

When choosing a rug for the dining room, be sure it is large enough. While a rug that perfectly fits the table and chairs when all of the chairs are pushed in may look right, it immediately looks sloppy when someone pulls out a chair to sit down. Choose a rug that comfortably fits the table and all chairs while in use for a more attractive, complete, and comfortable look.

In living rooms, the rug should be longer than the sofa, but doesn’t necessarily need to go under the sofa unless you are trying to hide an undesirable floor. For bedrooms, which are meant to be calming and relaxing spaces, most decorators recommend going with a plain white or neutral color rug with lots of texture and thick pile for maximum coziness.

Light levels play a large role in selecting the optimal rug for a certain space, so be sure to pay attention to not only the amount of light a room receives but also the quality of it. A darker room with north facing windows is best suited to warmer colors in order to bring the visual temperature into a more comfortable and cozy range. Alternatively, a bright room with southern exposure is better suited for cooler colors to tone down warm vibe.

Finally, take cues from the mood of the room you are decorating. Patterned rugs can be extremely effective for adding a punch of interest to a small room, corridor, or study, but be sure to pay attention to the scale of the pattern. For smaller rooms, opt for a smaller pattern to help make the room appear larger. Larger rooms look better with larger patterns which prevent the rug from looking too busy. Don’t overly match your rug to the other furnishings in your room; instead, ensure they are all within the same tonal scheme, and play with different tones, colors, and contrasts.


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