Hardwood Flooring Toronto

Hardwood Flooring

Real hardwood flooring enhance any property, new or old, and never go unnoticed with the natural warm feeling of nature under your feet. Hardwood floors are very durable and if looked after properly will last many years, easily outlasting any carpet – while adding value to your property at the same time.

Take a minute to browse through our hardwood flooring gallery to get a feel for what Allan Rug Company could do for your home. Ask about our trendy Red Oak, Pine and Maple hardwood flooring for your home or office.

  • Hard Maple Flooring 1
  • Black Walnut Flooring
  • Hard Maple Flooring 2
    Hard Maple
  • Red Oak Flooring 2
    Red Oak
  • Red Oak Flooring 1
    Red Oak
  • FL01-Black Walnut
  • FL02-Antique Cherry
  • FL03-Cafe Au Lait Maple
  • FL04-Chic Natura
  • FL05-Maple Natural
  • FL07-Travertine Maple
  • FL06-Gray Stratus
  • FL08-Natural Calypso
  • FL09-Smokey Grey Maple
  • FL10-Tunga Emira
  • FL11-Beachwood
  • FL12-Mystic Barn
  • FL13-Caribou White Oak
  • FL14-Fifth Avenue
  • FL15-Amaretto Birch
  • FL16-Arabica Birch
  • FL17-Carob Birch
  • FL18-Solstice Birch
  • FL19-Natural Birch
  • FL20-Smoky Grey Birch
  • FL21-Chocolate Birch
  • FL22-Cite White Oak
  • FL23-Sahara Birch
  • FL24-Natural Red Oak
  • FL26-Grey Red Oak
  • FL27-Dk. Brown Red Oak
  • FL28-Navajo Red Oak
  • FL29-Sincero Red Oak
  • FL30- Café Red Oak
  • FL31-Chocolate Red Oak
  • FL32-Arabica Red Oak
  • FL33-Countryside Walnut
  • FL34-Natural Black Walnut

Come See Our Hardwood Floors in Person

Come visit our hardwood flooring warehouse today. We’re located at 103 Miranda Avenue in Toronto. If you would prefer to book an appointment, call us on 416-787-1707 or email us at info@allanrug.com, we look forward to seeing you!