Cork Flooring Toronto

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is becoming a popular design choice among residential and commercial property owners. It is often compared to hardwood and vinyl, however it is soft on the feet, warm to the touch and very durable for high-traffic areas. It is available in an array of colors and is complementary to most decors.

Our photo gallery has some great examples of how cork flooring can look in different environments, and our product line showcases the dozens of different styles we have available.

  • Vintage Earl Grey
  • Townline Dark Rum
  • Elite Burl Shoreline
  • Elite Burl Natural
  • Cork FC01
  • Cork FC02
  • Cork FC03
  • Cork FC04
  • Cork FC05
  • Cork FC06
  • Cork FC07
  • Cork FC11
  • Cork FC12
  • Cork FC13
  • Cork FC14
  • Cork FC15
  • Cork FC17
  • Cork FC18
  • Cork FC19
  • Cork FC20
  • Cork FC21
  • Cork FC22
  • Cork FC24


The Cork Floor Experts

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