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Sisal carpets are woven from natural plant fibers. Like a jute, coir, or hemp rug, it has properties of durability and resilience that many artificial materials can’t provide. Sisal rugs are strong and beautiful, and can be a lasting addition to a living room, bedroom, office, or hallway, because of its unique advantages.

At Allan Rug Co. we provide you wide a large range of sisal carpet styles to choose from to suit any commercial or residential requirements you might have. Sisal carpets are particularly well suited to commercial and office environments due to their durability and resistance to wear.

  • Sisal SS01
  • Sisal SS02
  • Sisal SS03
  • Sisal SS04
  • Sisal SS08
  • Sisal SS13
  • Sisal SS14
  • Sisal SS15
  • Sisal SS16
  • Sisal SS17
  • Sisal SS18
  • Sisal SS19
  • Sisal SS20
  • Sisal SS21
  • Sisal SS22
  • Sisal SS23
  • Sisal SS24
  • Sisal SS25
  • Sisal SS28
  • Sisal SS31
  • Sisal SS32
  • Sisal SS35
  • Sisal SS36
  • Sisal SS41
  • Sisal SS44


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