5 advantages of introducing carpets into your home

5 advantages of introducing carpets into your home

At Allan Rug, we’ve watched many homeowners introduce carpet into their homes and benefit from the many advantages. With such a wide variety of options, there is a carpet suited for almost any home environment. Whether you live on your own, have a bustling family life, or are somewhere in between, introducing carpeting into your space could make for a huge improvement. Below are 5 of the biggest advantages of choosing this soft flooring alternative.

1. Carpets add style to your home - With so many unique and exciting carpet patterns, a well selected option can add a lot to a room. You can find something to nicely compliment your furniture or that makes the wall colour stand out. Choosing the right colour can change the atmosphere of a room or even add a new flare. Additionally, patterned rugs can add some excitement to a room and even give a boring room a more elegant appeal to residents and visitors. You can find the right one for your specific needs, especially if you have kids or pets. Many very beautiful rugs are made especially durable to withstand the rough and tumble nature of children, and carpeting can be matched to pet fur colour to minimize visible shedding. In essence, carpets can really make a room pop while maintaining a great level of practicality.

2.Carpets serve as insulation - A soft carpet can create a layer of protection for keeping heat in the home. The thick material will prevent excessive loss of heat from the home, thus minimizing reliance on artificial heating during cooler months. This will end up saving you money on your energy/heating bill in the end. In addition to insulating the home, carpets provide noticeable warmth to the touch. You will love the feeling of a soft floor beneath your feet. Say goodbye to tiptoeing across a cold floor in the morning – carpet is always comfortable!

3.Carpets serve as cushioning - Laying carpets can be like adding a layer of padding to a room. Unlike traditional flooring, which can be solid and painful to land on for some, carpets are soft and absorbent. Falling onto a carpet is much easier on the body than hitting the floor, so it is good for homes with children. Since children tend to fool around and rough house, you can minimize injury by carpeting a room. Moreover, elderly people will also find carpet easier on the joints than stepping onto solid floor and potential injuries can also be minimized.

4.Carpets can improve air quality -
 Carpets can trap in allergens like dust and pollen, which can be problematic to many people. Those with breathing problems like asthma or allergies will be especially grateful for the ability of this home solution to keep the air clean and easy to breath. In fact, many studies have suggested that carpets can improve air quality noticeably.

5.Sound proofing - 
The cushioning nature of carpeting also acts to minimize the spreading of noise in the home. More specifically, footsteps are gladly muffled by the softness and any other noises are also muffled. This means no more loud banging from upper floors and less disruption to the peace of your home. 

In essence, carpet can be an efficient, practical, and versatile addition to any home environment. At Allan Rug we are experts in finding the right flooring or carpeting solution for any living space. Visit or contact us today to let us put our experience to work for you!