4 ways cork flooring is better for your family and the environment

4 ways cork flooring is better for your family and the environment

A responsible adult should always be looking out for the well-being of their family and loved ones, as well as the well-being of the planet. When making the decision to install new flooring, cork flooring provides a happy coalescence of your biggest concerns. This material, in addition to being durable and comfortable, looks after the needs of your more fragile family members as well as the environment as a whole. At Allan Rug we offer a number of varieties of cork flooring that pose these same advantages. Below are some of the ways cork serves the best interest of the home and the planet.

Natural insulation

Cork is a natural insulator, which means it does not let heat escape, rather it will hold heat inside of the home. This is extremely advantages in a home setting because in the cold winter months, heat is a much-valued family member. Thus, cork’s insulation poses two primary benefits: less reliance on heating systems and less dependence on artificial heating.  Less reliance on heating systems is ecologically and economically friendly. Less dependence on artificial heating allows you to reduce your carbon footprint, minimizing the negative environmental impact of heating. Moreover, this decrease in heating also means a less expensive electrical or gas bill. Every year you could continuously save money on heating, meaning your floors are returning on your investment.

Easier on joints

Cork is a naturally soft and cushioned material. This means it will minimize the strain on joints that standing and other physical exertion can put in place. Any space where a lot of time is spent standing could benefit from this layer of cushion. Furthermore, it reduces the chance of injury in areas where children play. Unlike other hard materials, cork will cushion any falling or tumbling that small children do while fooling around. Overall, cork flooring provides padding that is helpful to home dwellers of all ages and sizes.


In addition to helping out members of the home, cork helps the environment. The material is taken from trees without doing harm to the trees themselves. After removal, trees continue to grow and the cork replenishes in a fairly short number of years. This means cork is a renewable resource that can contribute to your home’s eco-friendliness. Additionally, the substance is biodegradable and will naturally breakdown at the end of its life in a way that contributes to the earth around it.

Cork can be cleaned extremely easily and thoroughly, reducing the dirt levels in your home.

In essence, cork flooring is both ecologically friendly and family friendly. It helps minimize the negative impact of home-life while it provides a comforting level of cushion to the people passing through the house. At Allan Rug, we have the flooring solution perfect for you and your family. Additionally we have the resources and knowledge to answer your questions concerning cork and other available materials. Contact us today to find out more about how we can put our expertise to work for you and how you can find a perfect cork floor that suits your family’s needs.