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If you’ve been feeling like your home needs an uplift, but can’t think of what to do without investing a lot of time and money in, think about easy fixes such as adding or changing a rug. It’s simple, convenient, and can really alter the energy and aesthetic in a room. Once you start considering […]

You’ve finally made the decision to update your home, but find yourself stuck when it comes to choosing flooring. There are so many options yet narrowing it down can be stressful and confusing. How can you decide which flooring is right for your home? To begin with, think about your lifestyle and the way in […]

Your first experiences with cork probably included such uses as the closure of a wine bottle, or as the soles on the bottom of your shoes and sandals. It is also utilized as floats for fishing nets, and of course, everyone knows it’s the perfect bulletin board. Over the years cork has been used for […]

Buying new carpet or flooring is not something most people do every day. It can be overwhelming and confusing to most of us. So many kinds of styles, patterns, colors, types of materials and quality to choose from. Most of us really do not know where to start. The one thing we all know is […]