Vinyl Flooring Toronto

Vinyl Flooring

The best part about vinyl flooring is that it is relatively easy to install, as well as being easy to clean and maintain over time. There are many choices offered with regards to patterns, colors and styles that are sure fit your needs and personal taste.

Click the links below to browse our curated selection of high quality vinyl flooring available from Allan Rug Company. Our 15,000 square foot flooring and carpet warehouse is here to make your life easier.

  • Vinyl FV01

  • Vinyl FV02

  • Vinyl FV03

  • Vinyl FV05

  • Vinyl FV08

  • Vinyl FV09

  • Vinyl FV10

  • Vinyl FV11

  • Vinyl FV12

  • Vinyl FV13

  • Vinyl FV14

  • Vinyl FV15

  • Vinyl FV16

  • Vinyl FV17

  • Vinyl FV18

  • Vinyl FV19

  • Vinyl FV20

  • Vinyl FV21

  • Vinyl FV22

  • Vinyl FV23

  • Vinyl FV24

  • Vinyl FV25

  • Vinyl FV26

  • Vinyl FV27

  • Vinyl FV28

  • Vinyl FV29

  • Vinyl FV30

  • Vinyl FV31

  • Vinyl FV32

  • Vinyl FV33

  • Vinyl FV34

  • Vinyl FV35

  • Vinyl FV36

  • Vinyl FV37

  • Vinyl FV38

  • Vinyl FV39

  • Vinyl FV40

  • Vinyl FV41

  • Vinyl FV42

  • Vinyl FV43

  • Vinyl FV44

  • Vinyl FV45

  • Vinyl FV46

  • Vinyl FV47

  • Vinyl FV48

  • Vinyl FV50

  • Vinyl FV53

  • Vinyl FV55

  • Vinyl FV57

  • Vinyl FV58

  • Vinyl FV59

  • Vinyl FV61

  • Vinyl FV62

  • Vinyl FV63

  • Vinyl FV64


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