Laminate Flooring Toronto

Laminate Flooring

The beauty of laminate flooring is that it mimics the look of traditional hardwood flooring. Constructed of a resin-based melamine, it is able to resist stains and endure extreme wear over time. All laminate flooring systems at Allan Rug Company are easy to install, affordable and durable.

Take a look through our photo gallery to see how your home or office could look with new laminate flooring, then check out our product line to see the sixteen different styles of laminate we have available.

  • Black Cherry Planks
  • Burnished Walnut
  • Burnt Sugar Hickory
  • Hot Chocolate Hickory
  • Smokey Teak
  • Uptown Burnt Oak
  • White-Vintage-Oak
  • Vermont Redwood


  • Laminate FL03

  • Laminate FL04

  • Laminate FL05

  • Laminate FL07

  • Laminate FL08

  • Laminate FL24

  • Laminate FL25

  • Laminate FL26

  • Laminate FL27


Quality Laminate Flooring For Less

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